Prenatal cradle
NEW! The same great Prenatal Cradle support is now available as an adustable undergarment!
Size Chart for the Adjustable Prenatal Cradle
Size Pant Size
(pre-pregnancy) Weight
Small 3 - 10 90 - 165
Medium 8 - 16 150 - 220
Large 14 - 20 180 - 250

About the Best Cradle
The Best Cradle offers fully adjustable Orthotic Support for Abdominal and Back Straining. Also eases pain from Hip Separation and Pubic Symphysis.

Much like a woman clasping her hands under her abdomen, the Prenatal Cradle® supports the weight of pregnancy, yet does not restrict mother or child. By freeing the arms and promoting proper circulation to the lower extremities, the undergarment also allows many mothers to remain active through the third trimester.

The same great Prenatal Cradle support you know and love, offering orthotic support for abdominal and back straining, as well as easing pain from hip separation and pubic Symphysis.
Size Chart for the Prenatal Cradle
Size Pant Size
(pre-pregnancy) Weight
Extra Petite 0 - 3 90 - 125
Petite 3 - 6 125 - 145
Small 7 - 10 145 - 175
Medium 10 - 14 175 - 200
Med/Large 14 - 18 200 - 250
Large 18 - 24 250 - 300
Extra Large 24 & up 300 - 350
Tall/Small 10 - 14 145 - 200
Tall/Med 14 - 18 200 - 250

About the Prenatal Cradle

• Doctor recommended
• Patented design supports back and abdomen
• Gently improves posture while easing many discomforts
• May be worn with regular lingerie
• Based on the most natural stance of a woman with child
• Completely adjustable, even through clothing
• Machine washable, flannel-backed
• Practical - no need to remove for toileting
• Medical tax credit or insurance claim may be applied
• Strong and effective
• Available in regular and tall sizes

The Prenatal Cradle also offers Orthotic Support for patients who have pendulous abdomens and symptoms of:
• Back pain
• Abdominal straining
• Painful hip separation
• Painful pubic symphysis
• Lordosis
• Sciatica


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